Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Know, I Know, I Know.

I haven't blogged since Christmas Day.

This is where it would totally rock to say "I've been in Paraguay building houses with Habitat for Humanity."

But honestly I just have blog-block like you read about.

Here's some news, though: I did announce to my family yesterday that I'm "an Olympic Hopeful".

Technically, since the Winter trials are not final yet, I could still make the team.


My 12 year old wants to know what sport. I say, "Curling, obviously."
Tomorrow I plan to tell the drycleaner that I'm an Olympic Hopeful and see if I get a discount.

Here's something that is good for like 15 straight minutes of hilarity: Find a friend and take turns trying to get your eyebrows to do "the Worm".

Somewhere, Habitat for Humanity just put me on their "Do Not Hire" list.

Which is unfair because while I wouldn't be so much with the nailing and the spackling, I would be an awesome cruise-director and would have beer pong and dance-offs and Martini-of-the-Day and don't even try to tell me that introducing Paraguay to body shots and how to do The Soulja Boy is not as important as dumb houses.

Email me for references, Habitat for Humanity.

If i don't respond right away it's cuz I'm at curling practice.

UPDATE!!!!! how freakin awesome is this- sent in by "anonymous' just now:


feefifoto said...

Me too. If I could ever get my kids to spend two consecutive days in school I might be able to get back to writing, but all the yelling is distracting me.

Unknown said...

I am still waiting for a video tutorial on how to do The Soulja Boy. Seriously.

Shelley said...

Great, now that Soulja Boy song is stuck in my head. And the little superman move.

I want to be in the winter Olympics and compete in the biathalon. Isn't that the one where they cross-country ski and shoot rifles at the same time? Which would be awesome if I knew how to ski. Or shoot a gun.

Spot said...

I want to be on the Tobaggan team. I want to be the one squished in the middle by the guys. That just looks like fun! And the middle one is safe, right?!


Anonymous said...

odd, because I clicked here swearing to myself that should you not have updated I was going to threaten a Twitter Bomb. Which is similar to a terrorist attack, but for bloggers.

Terri said...

I was expected you to just now recover from your Tequila Cookie hangover.

Miss Yvonne said...

I'm going to the doctor today to get blood drawn...I'm totally telling the nurse that I put on weight because I'm an "Olympic hopeful". That statement can be useful in so many situations.

melissa said...

Curling is pure awesome. But I want to the pusher ... the scrubbing people are little more "housework" and little less "sport." But the pushing ... straight up athlete, dude!

Anonymous said...

♥ Kathy said...

I have TOTALLY missed you! And I agree, the commercial was awesome :)