Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend Amazing Video

These girls are un-freakin-believeable. (once again, spellcheck says no)

Watch the whole thing- they blow away the whole Naval Academy by the end.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twitter Recap

Obama warns of evils of ipods and ipads. Also, get off his lawn.
6:05 pm May 10th via Twhirl

Tweeting from my new ipad bitches!!!!!!!!
6:05 pm May 10th via Twhirl

God I am so hip I could throw up.
6:06 pm May 10th via Twhirl

Altho I probably just cancelled it out with the word 'hip'.
6:07 pm May 10th via Twhirl

I know the Times Square bomber thing is serious but: 72 virgin Fail.
10:07am May 7th via Twhirl

Also: do female suicide bombers get virgins too?
10:08 am May 7th via Twhirl

Husband picking up tween's Edward Cullen T-shirt: "Where should I put her 'Team Howard' shirt." *sigh*
8:02 am May 5th via Twhirl

Why is awesome: "Woman Bedbound for 6 Months By Huge Breasts". This is news I need to know.
1:29 pm May 3rd via Twhirl

"Expunged". That's just a fun-ass word to say.
7:59 pm May 2nd via Twhirl

Picking out my "tell your husband you scraped his Mercedes" outfit. Think I'll go with shorts and cleavage.
2:03 pm May 2nd via Twhirl

By the time we realize CSI and NCIS have taken over all television programming it'll be too late.
8:02 pm April 29th via Twhirl

9 year old getting in car after bus stop: "What were we talking about?" Other 9 year old: "How huggable pandas are."
6:20 pm April 28th via Twhirl

My newly groomed dog has some cologne on that smells like an old boyfriend. It's very disconcerting.
6:40 pm April 26th via Twhirl

WTF. I can never make raisin toast the first time around. I always have a burn do-over.
1:45 pm April 23rd via twhirl

Telling myself a cold Philly cheesesteak is acceptable breakfast because it had bacon on it.
9:51 am April 23rd via Twhirl

The third time you sneeze? I'm not really blessing you. It's more of a WTF.
6:52 pm April 21st via Twhirl

Quote of the day: 'Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself."
3:33 pm April 21st via twhirl.

Follow me. Or you won't know what I'm doing.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sorry- I've Been Sick With Scarlet Fever

No, I haven't.

But I like the name. It's very dramatic.

And you could picture me lying in bed with one of those old fashioned water bottle thingys on my forehead. (spellcheck says 'thingys" is not a word)

And there would be a couple of nuns pacing around with bowls of water and bibles and speaking in hushed tones.

Plus, my doctor would be referred to as "Doc". As in, "Doc Rivers says it's The Fever".

And my whole family would be kept waiting outside because I'd be too weak.. unless someone could make a call to Robert Pattinson's people about a 'last wish"..that'd be sweet.

Then I'd be all: "get me my makeup...." and the nuns would bring me like a lipstick and I'd be all "No, you dumbass, I need my Philosophy moisturizer, my Mac undereye concealer, my Bare Essentuals powder, my "soft cocoa" eyeshadow collection, my L'oreal mascara, my Sephora mint lipgloss and a spritz of my Bath & Body "warm vanilla sugar" body spray. God.

Then I'd summon all my strength and change into like a cute tank top and boy shorts cuz that's a good death outfit and an even better meeting Robert Pattinson outfit.

Anyway.  It WOULD totally explain why I havent posted in (just went back to check)... 2 weeks.

But it's just writers block again- I am so firing myself if this keeps up.