Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend LOL Video

This. Is. Awesome.

Booze vs. Flip Flops.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fess Up, Y'all.

OK I'll admit it: I *heart* Facebook.

"Like" button. Like, like, like. Poke. Comment. Add friend. Accept friend request. Suggest friends. Chat. Comment some more.

It is the awesomest time-suck ever. (spell check is telling me "awesomest" is not a word. It has no problem, apparently, with 'time-suck". )

Where was I. Oh yeah- one of my absolute favorite things to do on Facebook is "become a fan of" pages.

You can become a fan of pages like "Support Same Sex Marriage" or other important crap, but you can also join groups like:

"I Don't Remember Getting This Bruise"

"Thinking If U Raise Your Cell Phone 6 Inches In the Air U Will Get Service"

"I Re-do High Fives If They Weren't Good Enough the First Time"

"I Say Dude Right Before I Say Something Moderately Important"


"Anne Frank Would Be So Pissed If She Knew Everyone Read Her Diary"

All of which I am a member.

So anyway. I joined this group yesterday called "Things I'm Embarrassed to Admit I Like".

And I am going to give you my answers....but I want YOU guys to put an answer in the comments as well. K? Isn't this fun? We can all be douchey together. (spellcheck says no.)



Sportacus from LazyTown


Rock of Love, Daisy of Love, For the Love of Ray j, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Real Chance of Love, Tough Love




Flintstones vitamins

the macarena


Milli Vanilli

Drake Bell

Pop Rocks

Yanni (he's soothing, you guys)

The Jo Bros' TV show


Ok, let's hear it......

Monday, April 19, 2010

Twitter Recap: Because It's Earth Week.

  1. Might tell the dentist I can't make it tomorrow because of the ash cloud.

  2. The definition of awkward: When you have a full conversation with an acquaintance in the grocery store then you see them in the next aisle.

    Think I'm gonna have my kids start calling me 'Mummy".

  3. Just notified that "Taylor Lautner is now following you on Twitter". Do I know it's not really him? yes. Did my heart jump anyway? yes.
     via Twhirl

    Why I love the new VH1 dating show "What Chilli Wants": Requirements: tall, handsome, great body, no more than 
    2 babymamas.

  4. 17 y.o. just informed me that Smart Water is the best kind because "Dude. it's from the clouds."

  5. Teacher to 3rd graders taking standardized test today: 'If you're so nervous u need 2 throw up, do it away from 
    your test."

  6. We felt the earthquake here in PA! No, we didn't. I'm just feeling left out.
     via Twhirl

    Day 11 of kids' spring vacation. Googling clocktowers in the area to bring my high-powered rifle to.

  7. (telemarketer on caller ID) Me:"Tell 'em to bite me". 
    12 y.o.: "Bite me." (slams phone). Husband: 'Nice parenting."

  8. My 12 year old says she's embarrassed that her new 
    phone still has a "mom ringtone". 

  9. 12 y.o: "Why do we have a foreign mailman?" Me: "He's not." Her: "Then why is his steering wheel on the wrong side."

  10. 9 year old: "I think our bus driver is blind. He wears those dark blind people sunglasses and never takes them off."

  11. File under 'unintentinonally funny": Today's school lunch is "Sea Wonders".

  12. If my husband doesn't want to drive important clients in a 
    car with black banana peels and congealed ice cream I need more of a heads up.