Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So I've been getting a lot of comments lately like "You should post more often", to which I usually respond with the standard "Your MOTHER should post more often."

Which always endears me to my readers.

So I asked some people if I should just post random unrelated crap if I don't have a full post to write and they said "What? Oh, sorry- I was reading Dooce's very long and well-written post."

So, Random Crap:


Yesterday I overheard my 8 year old say to her friend, "You don't know Rolling Stone MAGAZINE???? The Rolling Stones were the best band ever and they have their own magazine that makes fun of the president."

On Friday I asked my tween to help me with some dance songs for my party and she goes, "So, like from 2002 right?" then posted this on Facebook:


When I went to search Google for a funny .gif I saw of Robert Pattinson sneezing for my Twilight blog, the first result was a Sneeze Fetish forum. One of the posters said "I think that photo is a cough but I'm letting my imagination run wild." and if you don't believe me go here.

***********(are these stars or snowflakes?**********

And lastly, if you haven't seen it, more hilarity thanks to Kanye West:


Kurt said...

I respect you because you say "Your Mother" instead of the less formal "Your mom". You are obviously a sophisticated lady. You should have a monocle and a tophat, probably.

Laila P said...

Short random posts are just as good as long meaningful ones!

Merrie said...

That Kanye picture is ABsolutely classic. LOL!! That guy is such a dink. And I thoroughly enjoyed your randomness. :)

roy/elisabeth dean said...

hahaha.....stupid Kanye! Too funny! I'm stealing it~

And yes, just post random stuff as it comes into your head please. Even if it's just a sentence or two.

I'm sure my parents said the same thing about the way we dressed when we were young (me, not you. I was young a LONG time before you were), but GAWD! I REALLY don't understand how they can think that looks good! A teacher in my 16 year old daughter's class made a young man come to the front of the class and TIED his pants up with purple thread! Told him he better never come to her class like that again! (I haven't heard yet if charges will be filed for violating some kind of right to bare ass)
Have a good one~

bb4mich said...

Please post- even if it's randon crap- you make me laugh EVERY TIME I read one of your hilarious posts!!!

Formerly known as Frau said...

I'll take your random any day! They are awesome!

Dakermom said...

That's hilarious! (Not that he died, that's sad), but Kanye is just unnecessarily rude!!! And Taylor and Beyonce were great about it. See, girls are nicer than boys (jk):)

Bren said...

Yeah Kanye? He is ridiculous - very funny thought though! Farrah already got that treatment!

Tami Wyatt said...

Yes, those pants hanging off of the guys butt are retarded. I used to work at a high school and we were not allowed to "make" people pull their pants up...the constitution gave them the right to wear their clothes they way they wanted to...as long as the majority of their butt was covered...no harm...no foul. You should have seen some of these idiot foolishes try to walk with their pants falling down their legs. I told them it reminded me of how babies walk when the are in serious need of a diaper change.

Lori said...

Yep, Kanye West is a major tool.

Mary said...

Yo, HappyHourSue, I'm really happy for your blog and all, but Dooce has one of the BEST BLOGS OF ALL TIME!!

Swirl Girl said...

The last one is hysterical...what a maroon!

Lisa-licious said...

OK, so I heard somewhere that the whole "pants hanging off the ass so your 'Calvin's' show" was started among prisoners as a way for one male prisoner to let another, more aggressive, male prisoner know that the first convict would rather be the aggressor's "b*tch" and "get it up the patootie", than get beaten up. No lie. If the guys who wear their pants like that knew this info, it might put an "END" (pun intended!) to this ridiculous trend!

And your posts are always the best in the world!

Dooce, who?!

Zwolsche diva said...

That has to be the weirdest fetish I have come across in my twentytwo years.

I have trouble believing that ís in fact a fetish, but they seem to mean it. Ah well, good that they found each other, I guess..

JennyMac said...

That Kanye pic is a riot. He is a dbag.

Briya said...

I want you to know that I wrote a WHOLE BLOG POST on those sagging pants. Because I hate it that much.


the mayor said...

For those who want to read endless blathering about pregnancy, birth and new babies (as if no one else ever had a child)...run on over there.

I'd much rather read your random ramblings.

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