Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Webster's Has Lost They Mind

(The following originally appeared as a guest-post over at The McMommy Chronicles)

After smugly correcting someone recently on their use of the word 'ginormous', I was informed, to my horror, that it is, in fact, now officially a word. In Webster's. Ginormous.

Fearing the worst, I surfed over to and typed in 'bazillion':.... Yes. Oh for the love of God. 'gazillion': Yup. 'nother': Sure. As in, "That's a whole nother thing." WTF? I know people say it, but that doesn't mean it's a real word..they also say "nucular" and "supposably" for cryin' out loud.

Webster's! Put down the crack pipe! You are The Dictionary! You are the word bouncers. The kind of really snooty, picky bouncers that almost never unhook the velvet rope, and wear headsets, and tell people to go change clothes or at least bring some girls! How did these words get in?????

And it's so random!: I learned in my search that 'meanie' is a word. OK, so why not 'poopyhead'?

Check this out. You can look it up:
'unibrow' and 'plumber's crack': Yes. 'cankles' and 'camel toe'? No.
"flop sweat': Yes. 'bed spins': No.
'bada bing': Yes. "fuhgeddaboudit': No.
'bahookie' : Yes. 'badonkadonk': No.
'himbo' and 'ho': Yes. 'bee-yatch': No.
Also missing: 'face plant', or 'prickerbush'.
Perfectly legit: 'scooch' and 'spaz'.

I give up. This is anarchy. But I have a few request admissions from my 7-year-old:
'criss-cross-applesauce' and
'like-like' ("I like him, but I don't like-like him")
Think it over, Webster's. Or maybe I should just slip you a fifty.


Deanna said...

Oh the world has gone horribly wrong!! Somebody needs to go to the Webster's headquarters and make sure they aren't being held up by the ebonics squad!

Anonymous said...

Oh man. The world is ending. Where have all the dictionary scruples gone? I mean really, himbo, really? In the dictionary? I knew the day ain't made it into the dictionary that things were going down hill fast.

Amy said...

Give them time, I am sure all of those 'other' words will be in there eventually. Sad.

Wendi said...

Just as funny the second time!
Thanks for re-sharing.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Yeah, what is with them allowing "slang" words in the dictionary? Hello!

Very funny post....

Sorry I haven't been commenting in a bit.I've been reading, but my computer at home is all wiggy with allowing me to comment and so I have to wait for breaks at work.

Hey, is wiggy in there?

Shannon said...

My husband says "supposably"... gets on my nerves. every. single. time!