Friday, April 11, 2008

On Blogging

So I'm now a blogger. I blog.

This is like the outcast kid in high school finding their group, or the mothership coming to pick up the lost alien.

At last a forum to put down my random thoughts and ramblings without bothering my friends at work. Previously, my mass emails would get responses along the lines of "you really need a hobby" or "have you considered working full time?" to which I would respond "You're lucky I don't know Photoshop."

My friend Jackie once suggested that we moms email each other with the subject line "Today I Learned.." as a way to share interesting tips or insights that others might learn from. I jumped right in with "Today I Learned...that a single fruit fly can give you away if you've had wine before the school concert."

Probably she was thinking more along the lines of SAT tutoring or a good pesto recipe. But take my word about the fruit fly. I'm serious. 


Anonymous said...

The fruit fly thing happened to me once too. I can't remember if it was trying to embarrass me. -Noon

Sarah said...

Here's what I've learned - if you start drinking at four and stop by nine you can still get up at six a.m. - and that whole "witching hour" thing becomes kinda magical (or a little tolerable). Also, another thing I learned is that if your kids are with you when you're drinking, then you aren't technically drinking alone.

Anonymous said...

Fruit fly...for true? ;) If you eat it, do you think you might start a cultural revolution where, like the worm in tequila, one might eat the fly to get beautifully hammered?

Methinks not, but then, I drink beer and I fear the worm.

Is this your first real post?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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