Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Just In: Apples Not Falling Far From Trees

Here's the problem with the Nature vs. Nurture debate when it comes to my kids' behavior in the universe.

There's no winning. It's both.

My genes + my behavior = conformity Fail.

Is this not every mom's bedtime ritual with their 10 year old daughter?
Me: "Love you.."
Her: "Love you."
Me: "Forever..."
Her: "and ever."
(together) "More than the moon and the stars and the universe"
(Fist bump-explosion)
(Soulja Boy dance together) "SUPAman... o- now wa' me wa' me YOUuuuuuuu..."
(see below :30-:45)

Swear to God. I do the Soulja Boy every night with my 4th grader. Sometimes we do it in a British accent.

Anyway, the other night I'm rifling through her school papers trying to figure out why she's fallen behind in homework and she's got THIS proudly tucked in the front of her folder:

Which, while awesome, is giving me an eerily familiar glimpse into her prioritizing.

SO we had a big talk about buckling down... and the importance of homework.... and her response was this.

Her: "Can I wear my mustache?'
Me: "Of course."


Travelbugmom said...

hahahahaha I needed that!!

Merrie said...

Love love your daughter and your relationship with her. I have little quirks with both of my kids and isn't it the best? Nobody else would ever really get it!

A Real Housewife said...

BEST.THING.EVER. your daughter is going to grow up to be a very artistic soul. =)

Former Fat Chick said...

have a question, 1 of my kids is just like me- CRAZY the other is like his Dad, intense, lone wolf, does not squish and kiss me to death's hard to have such a close relationship w one and not the other. Are both your kids like you?

Loveable Loser said...

You married Geraldo Rivera?

Sue Wilkey said...

FFC: 13 year old daughter is my sweet side: quiet, friendly, plays well with others. 10 year old is my obnoxious side: non-conforming, rebellious, irreverent. Weird, but they're both me.

sstahlberg said...

If you REALLY want to win me over (let's pretend you haven't already) you would post a video of you doing the Soulja Boy dance. Just sayin'.

Paige said...

Im kind of a fan of Soulja Boy my own self. not as cute when a fat 28 year old busts out jigging to it in public, but still.... I get you

Raquel's World said...

Well just to update you..Soulja Boy now does the "pretty boy sway". Although some of the lyrics may not be appropriate for her. Well, better just stick to the solider boy. I hope you saved that Hammer time pic because that will be even funnier when she is twenty.

Julie H said...

That's pretty awesome!

SP said...

Love it! I want a mustache like that.

What the two of you have is very special.

♥ Kathy said...

hahahahahaaa! I LOOOOOOVE the mustache!!

Ashley said...

Somebody linked me to your blog for something else that made me shoot diet coke out of my nose. Now I think I am completely in love w/ you and your awesomely hilarious daughter (in a platonic, non-stalker, fellow Mama kinda way ;-). Don't tell your kid that the blogosphere thinks she rocks, bc you obviously have got trouble on your hands without *any* additional encouragement. Good luck, you're gonna need it! :-)