Thursday, May 29, 2008


Photoshop Elements could take over my life.


Alice said...

ROFL! Gorgeous.

Oh - and because you threw me yesterday by mentioning hot head and hot bod, I never wished you Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Girl!

Kelly said...

haha you did it! woo hoo!

The Mom said...

And so your career begins! ;)

Can't wait to see the next creations!

Rachel said...

I so need to learn how to do that! I adore my Elements!!

Kristi said...

I just purchased that program. Two days later, and all I have figured out to do is how to import pictures, and turn them black and white. Where is the step by step manual...Elements for Dummies...or Elements for Mommies who dont' want to take the time to figure it out! Love your blog. I've been reading it every now and then. You crack me up. My friend Brooke (Dormant ocean) told me about it. She is are too funny. Your blog has been up on my screen for about 3 hours, and I am finally able to sit down and leave a comment. My 10 month old is cutting another tooth and is not letting me sit at the computer. Oh..he just found me. crying at my feet. lovely.