Friday, May 2, 2008

Federal Buzz Kill

May 2, 2008: Oak Lawn, IL

I Love this. I love, love, love whoever thought of this. 

And this:   And this:

Mayor Dave Heilmann is a rock star in my book. But Fox News reported today that the feds have ruled it's in violation of the "Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices" and Oak Lawn could lose all their federal funding for town projects. So Mayor Dave: Thanks for trying. You are the Man. You can party with me anytime. If I could add you to my blogroll I would.


Alice said...

I feel a STOP sign craft coming upon me for our road.

It's the least I can do since I refuse to scrap.

Meg said...

Some folks have no sense of humor!!

Jay said...

Oh, I love that too! Priceless! And they're going to make him take them down? Have they no soul??