Thursday, May 8, 2008

Facebook Hotties Want to Befriend Me

A few weeks ago, one of my husband's hip nieces emailed me a request to be a "friend" on Facebook. Yeah, I thought, I could up my cool quotient a bit - in fact, Hell-to-the-Yeah.  Sweet. Bring it. Um.... I've run out of cool lingo.  Anyway, I became a Facebook member. Well, word must travel fast, because THIS was waiting for me the next day:

 You have a friend request
Ryan Dorian (Cedar Rapids, IA)
You have no friends in common.

"Ryan Dorian" wants to be my friend. Confirm? Ignore? Send Message? I've decided to send a message:

     Dear Ryan,
           It will never work out between us. First of all, as you pointed out, we have no friends in common. I know nothing about Iowa and I suspect you work out a lot more than I do. I assume from your photo that you have some sort of facial disfigurement and really fat legs - don't worry - I bet a lot of girls will accept your invitation. Don't stay stuck on me, Ryan. Move on with your life and I'll do the same. I'll always remember you. 
       Love, Sue

Lesson learned here: If I'm going to be a facebook member I've got to get my abs in better shape.


The Mom said...

Hellz yeah, confirm it, fo sho, fashizzle or something. ;0)

Alice said...

Umm..registering myself on Facebook as I type this. Send Ryan's abs my way.

creative-type dad said...

Hmm, from that picture, I'm betting he's 400 pounds in Iowa.
And he's sucking it in.

Nicki said...

I'm not on Facebook much but I have a MySpace page and I get requests like that a lot! People must just go through and friend-request every new person who joins!

janel said...

Oh, that is so funny!
I don't suspect we will find any friend invitations like that on Mom Bloggers!

Bee said...

Um... if you don't want to be his friend I might might know someone who will be his friend.

She's short, loves mcoking people and ADORES nice abs!

ali said...

Great, now I've got Brad Paisley's song "I'm so much cooler online" stuck in my head!

Heather said...

Oh, so jealous - I've never had a random FB hottie send me a friend request. *sigh*

Then again, I'm mostly on FB to play way too much scrabulous, and I'm guessing the hottie crowd isn't into playing word games...

By the way, I'm totally adding your blog to my blogroll. I'm catching up on your archives and enjoying every word! (Some might think of it as "stalking" but I prefer "catching up" mwah ha ha...)