Sunday, June 1, 2008

Barbie? It's Governor McGreevey's Wife on the Phone

Dina: Hi Barbie- It's Dina McGreevey. We need to talk.
Barbie: About the Carpel Tunnel Awareness Luncheon?
Dina: No, honey - about Ken. And Surf's-Up Steven.
Is Ken there now?
Barbie: No- he and Steven went to see 'Sex and the City'.
Dina- Hmm. How did you say they met?
Barbie - Um, I think a Pet Shop Boys reunion concert.
Dina: Honey-do you have his iPod right there?
Barbie: Sure, it's right here. Why?
Dina: Does it have a colored case?
Barbie: Well, leopard print. It says Dolce & Gabanna.
Dina: Turn it to "shuffle" and tell me what the first 5 artists are.
Barbie: Let's see.....Kiley Minogue.....Depeche Mode......Madonna.....Cher.......and some song from 'Rent'.
Dina: OK. And he and Steven wear matching shirts?
Barbie: Well, they have matching mesh tank tops for the gym and matching "I Love Bichons" T-shirts..
Dina: And his cellphone ringtone?
Barbie: Um, Dancing Queen by Abba. He and Steven say that's always the last song they play at "guys night out" at the Mineshaft.
Dina: Honey, do you know that Steven is changing his name from 'Surf's-Up Steven' to 'Life Partner Steven'?
Barbie. 'Life Partner'. That's cute. I gotta go, Dina- I told Ken I'd Tivo 'Project Runway' for him.
Dina: OK....I gotta go too -I have to call Kelly Preston.


Wendy said...

So, the surf's not the only thing up?! Harharhar.

You have such a dirty mind--just gotta love it.

The Mom said...


Omg. Do you walk around Toys R Us and have lightbulb moments?? I tell everyone about the Gangsta in the tub post!

You rock!

Gettysburg Mom said...

Now, let's not judge Ken too harshly here. Barbie's had some "hook-ups" with a girlfriend or two (or eight). It's clearly a sham relationship for publicity.

Kelly said...

you are cracking me up..that was hilarious!

Sue said...

Jen- That's exactly what happens. This weekend I was birthday present shopping in Target and saw those Ken dolls and had to whip out my camera.

Ann said...

That's what I needed.

Alice said...

Aw shit. I think Babycakes has a Pet Shop Boys CD.

Tenakim said...

Too funny! Don't go anywhere witout your camera! Does Kelly Preston suspect anything?

MadMad said...

Ha! So you just take the pictures right in the store? Too funny!

Sogeshirtsguy said...

lmao I love this blog already. Glad I found it today. Well done.